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It's not just a service. It's an experience. Kirsten has over two decades of experience, and can provide you with the best  for every aspect of your materials and manuscripts. If you have a budget, Kirsten will work with you to maximize your results.

Inside Dweller

A young woman and her psychologist discover that the commander of Lucifer’s army, a specialized, extraterrestrial demon breed, is dwelling inside of her in an attempt to unlock the key to the human mind and soul and enslave mankind.

The Write Career

Welcome to my blog, the Write Career, where I discuss anything and everything about a career in writing and editing, writing tips, and facts about what it takes to get your work published.

Everything Other World

Everything Other World is for lovers and fans of the sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, metaphysical, and other types of genres that explore anything other than the physical world. If you have a story, photos, a love of a book or movie, or anything else to share, you have a safe and supportive environment at Everything Other World. Come join the discussions and the companionship!